Water Filtration

By | January 13, 2020



Today we’ll cover basic information about water problems and water filter systems. The instructions are generic in nature and the author has no affiliation with any water filter system manufacturers or water treatment companies. 

Water Problems

In areas where the concentration of iron or sulfur in the water supply is more than 10 parts per million, an Iron & Sulfur filter is advised. If you have an iron problem, your plumbing fixtures will be contaminated with rust and your laundry will turn yellow to orange depending on the iron level. Sulfur will give your water a smell similar to rotten eggs. Organic contamination will make your water smell and taste bad.

If you are unsure of the type of problem you have, your local County Health Department can test your water for you. The cost for the testing ranges from free to a few dollars. Another source for water testing or information is a local water company or municipal water service. The good news for going to a water treatment company is it will test your water for you for free in most cases. The bad news is you will typically get a 2 to 3 hour sales presentation and spend more for the water system than you wanted or needed to.

Hard water is caused by minerals that are dissolved in municipal and private wells. The concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds in your water depend upon your location. The compounds found in hard water form deposits similar to limestone in your pipes and appliances. The deposits also combine with soap causing glassware to streak and spot. Deposits accumulate on your laundry causing discoloration and additional wear.

What to do

Before you spend your hard earned dollars having a water company install a water softener or specialty filter in your home or small business, consider doing it yourself or asking for your trusted construction company, such as AB Construction,  for a quick check-up and advice. They’ll know everything about water problems and how to install water softeners and filtration equipment.