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A Homeowners Guide to Landscaping

You’ve measured and recorded. You’ve dreamed about what you’d like in your landscape and begun to prioritize the needs of those using it. You have organized a Base Plan, that preliminary map on which your collected measurements and information are roughed out. Now, you’re ready for the next step, putting together your Master Plan. Pulling… Read More »

Amazing tea recipes

Kashmiri Chi This spiced hot tea blend is great for a cold winter evening as an after dinner drink. The addition of gin will really warm you up. Great with small cookies. Ingredients: 1 1/4 tablespoons blanched almonds 1/2 tablespoons shelled and peeled pistachios, raw or roasted and salted 10 whole green cardamom pods, lightly… Read More »

Water Filtration

Scope Today we’ll cover basic information about water problems and water filter systems. The instructions are generic in nature and the author has no affiliation with any water filter system manufacturers or water treatment companies.  Water Problems In areas where the concentration of iron or sulfur in the water supply is more than 10 parts… Read More »

Camcorder Formats

Summary of the Pros and Cons of common Camcorder Recording Formats There are many different camcorder formats appearing now, this is a guide to the the more common formats and their strengths and weaknesses. MiniDV/HDV Well-established tape format which gives excellent image quality and good edit-ability to create great final products to add visual effects… Read More »

Dry Eyes

Besides offering the best-verified coupons for online shopping, we are also offering some tips regarding your eye health and how you can prevent some health conditions by using great eye products that can be bought online. Getting Relief from Dry Eyes Dry eyes usually result from the tear-flow system of the eye is out of… Read More »